HoloLens Mixed Reality, workshops, 2019

Nomad is a collaborative project between Mnemoscene and Abira Hussein. It is a Mixed Reality experience which brings together sound recordings from the British Library, digitised objects from the British Museum, and people that  -as 3D holograms - inhabit the space and are viewable from any angle, at any moment in time. From a herdsman sleeping under the night’s sky to a woman pounding grain to the rhythm of a traditional song, this experience aims to place these everyday objects in the context from which they came.

During Somali Week Festival 2018 the Nomad project invited Somali audiences in the UK to share and contribute their heritage objects and stories to the Nomad archive. The objects were digitised using photogrammetry and oral history recordings were used to capture the stories associated with them. The outcomes from the Heritage Lottery funded initiative can be found in an online collection at
Festivals, presentations and exhibitions

V&A Digital Design Weekend, 2019
LJMU Immersive Storytelling Symposium, 2018
British Library Labs Awards – Runner Up in the Artistic Category, 2018
Brighton Digital Festival, 2018
Lighthouse, The Impossible Futures of Immersion, 2018

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