Video, English, 4 min. 2013

Full video on Vimeo here

In 2013 proposals were made to regenerate the Medway towns, principally joining the towns of Chatham, Rochester, Strood and Gillingham to create the unified City of Medway. To support this transition generous sums of money for the Public Arts were being presented to local artists.

This video was made in response to the funding and proposals. In 1989 the Royal Dockyards in Chatham closed, at the time of closure around 8,000 employees were made redundant. Since 1989 the economy in the Medway towns has never quite recovered. While listening to artistic interpretations of how to establish a new identity for the proposed city I questioned the artist’s ability to reflect this in a proposal. Would I, as an outsider to the area be in a position to propose improvements or monuments to an identity if I couldn’t understand the place as it was?

This project starts with a question –  Can you tell me about Chatham?