I’m excited that a Portugese language version of Wünschendorf (2014) was included in this exciting project curated by Paola De Ramos.

Exhibition Lar/Home brought together the work of over forty artists from all over the world answering the question ‘what is “home”?’ through several media including painting, sculpture, installation, sound, photography, video, performance, poems and books. The idea came from organizer and curator Paola De Ramos, who after living in a foreign country for some years, started to ask herself about the physical, psychological and sentimental relationship at each place where she lived and people she met. On going back to her home country, she decided to create an exhibition to investigate further the theme of “home”. In her own home, where she lived for ten years, she invited artists to participate in this project and use all rooms as an exhibition space to show their interpretations and trigger a collective reflection of the meaning of home.