Beyond Forgetting 1938 / 2018

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How do we meet and critically come to terms with memory, commemoration and often hidden histories, through artistic, pedagogical and performative means?

In August I travelled to Coburg, Germany to attend the International Beyond Forgetting Symposium.

I presented research related to Wunschendorf / Srbska, discussing the archive and the film and immersive works inspired by it.

More images and info to come

Nothing From Nothing Residency

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It’s been an amazing experience to co-organise and participant in ‘Nothing from Nothing‘, a fleeting, collaborative residency at LIMBO, Margate.

Inspired by the extensive revisions, suggestions and edits made by Ezra Pound to T.S. Eliot’s manuscript of The Waste Land, Nothing from Nothing was a fleeting, collaborative residency examining editing as a creative process. Over the course of one weekend in April 2018, ten professional artists came together in Margate, the area where Eliot himself found inspiration for the seminal poem.


iDocs 2018

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It was a real privilege to attend iDocs this year and speak about my work.

I touched upon my work at the Netherlands Film Academy and bridged to more recent experimentation combining cultural heritage and Mixed Reality.

Thanks to Robin Kwong for writing up some notes from the day here