2013, Running time 08:46 minutes, SD

Screened at Kaleidoscope Gallery, Sevenoaks

This video was shot in the remote village of Srbska, Czech Republic. The village was emptied in 1946 as a result of the mass expulsion of Sudetenland Germans after World War 2. In the years that followed, incomers arrived from various parts of Eastern Europe who took up residence in the village, a village with little more than a handful of occupants located at the very edge of the country. Immigrants such as Mrs Wolf were to find themselves new homes in this economically straitened area of the Czech Republic.

Mrs Wolf  lives in a small flat located in a grand yet dilapidated building, without mains water, electricity or central heating. She stayed when the other residents left the building in search of better conditions.

This video explores the diverse and conflicting emotions surrounding issues of identity, displacement and belonging: themes which resonate throughout a series of works relating to the history and present day reality of a disappearing village.