Mixed Reality HoloLens Installation

What happens when multiple stories of the past reside in the same place?

The Chorus explores how the viewer’s physical environment can be augmented digitally to create a ‘possibility space’ in which videos, sounds, testimonies and artefacts from the online archive srbska.org can be discovered by the viewer in an intimate and memorable way. The context for The Chorus is the village of Srbska, also referred to as Wunschendorf which is located in present day Czech Republic, border to Poland. 

Mixed Reality is an emerging technology in which digital artefacts – three-dimensional objects, static or animated, audio and video, may be projected into the viewer’s real surroundings. Unlike Virtual Reality headsets, which exclude the external environment, the visor in the HoloLens is transparent, allowing the use of the real world around the viewer as a stage upon which artefacts are projected as holograms. 

Exhibited at the group show, ‘Framing Traces’ at the EYE Film Museum (2017)