The Chorus (2017) is a mixed reality experiment using archival content from

What happens when multiple stories of the past reside in the same place? Which stories of the past can we believe?

It is my understanding that places such as Wünschendorf and Srbská exist as a complex lattice of individual subjective experiences. I have attempted to understand this village through the stories of those who remember it – namely those who were exiled in 1946, but also through the stories of the residents who occupied their homes in following years. The Chorus also presents the viewer with the one story I know best. My own. Over my years of discovering the village I have heard many stories, many voices and yet I can only perceive them through a story which is re-created in relation to the present context. My own story of the village is constantly reformulated to incorporate newer fragments of information, making me question the veracity of any one interpretation of the past.

The viewer is invited to become an active participant in uncovering a story from this village, moving through the installation, encountering stories, holographic artefacts and video from the online archive

Interviewees Mrs Jiraková, Ines Muller, Mr Ressel

Interpreters Marcela Šomjáková, David Lion

Voiceovers Vanessa Nitsche

Composition Colin Riley

HoloLens Development Edward Silverton

Cinematography Daniel Grasskamp

Sound recording Ryan Bentley

Narrative treatment Sarah Naomi Lee

Actors Phil Rees, Shirley Jaffe