Online archive, available at Srbska.org

Srbska.org is an online collection of interviews, photographs, video, and documents collected through my work related to the village of Wünschendorf / Srbská from 2007 – 2017. 

Every moment happens twice: Inside and outside, and they are two different histories. – Zadie Smith

Srbská, previously named Wünschendorf, was once a thriving village with other a hundred houses and any hundreds of residents. In 1946 its entire population was exiled, and since that time it has fallen to ruin, disappearing almost entirely from the map.

When I moved there in 2007 I had no idea of its past, of what had been there before, but over the years this absence was occupied with stories, of glimpses into a place which is no longer there. To find these stories I have sought the testimonies of those who remember the village as it was, namely a group of elderly Germans, who, exiled from the village in 1946 returned annually between 2009-2016.

This collection has provided a platform for Memory of Loci, a virtual reality experiment for the HTC Vive, and The Chorus, a Mixed Reality installation for the Microsoft HoloLens.