Trailer,  La Mort De L’Arbre

Video, English subtitles, 15 min. 

Developed during a residency with the ADRT-62 Louvre-Lens Project in the former mining town of Lens, Northern France. La Mort De L’Arbre coincides with the film Fouquieres-Les-Lens and the book series Time, Pressure, Decay.

The coal mining industry dominated the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region in northern France until the late 1980’s. The abrupt closure of the industry brought irrevocable change to entire communities, forcing them into a political and social struggle still evident today.

In 2012 the Louvre-Lens, a multi-million euro annex of the Louvre, Paris, was built in the former mining town of Lens. Like the Turner Contemporary, the Louvre-Lens was viewed as a catalyst to help regenerate the region through the arts. In the first quarter of 2015 Sophie Dixon undertook an artist residency in the town under the cross-Channel ADRT scheme, one of a series of art-based initiatives associated with the Louvre-Lens.

With its starting point in the striking landscape of Lens, La Mort de L’Arbre connects the coal fields of Northern France and Kent, assembling seemingly disparate fragments of experience to explore the unified significance of what it means to remember a place.

Exhibited at ‘Time, Pressure, Decay’ a solo show held at the Turner Contemporary and CRATE gallery, Margate (2015)