Sophie Dixon works with drawing, writing, audio and video to explore the constant process of constructing and reconstructing memory to formulate meaning. Her recent work has centred around interviews with ethnic Germans exiled from the Czech Sudetenland in 1946, following the Second World War. Using documentary filming techniques she presents a spatialized array of fragments with which to explore the fallible nature of memory, and to question the interplay of our external environments their internal representations.

Sophie’s films are made for gallery installation and single screen cinema environments. Her work is presented as a physical representation of the spaces in memory, spaces which are opened up by the forcible joining of events across time and space. It is strongly rooted in historical and cultural research: the themes of collective and individual memory are central to her practice.

Over the past year Sophie’s films have been shown at the Brighton CineCity film festival, The Whitstable Biennale student open and most recently the Turner Contemporary, Margate for which she has been awarded the CVAN Platform Graduate Prize. She was recently selected for the Catlin Guide 2015.



Jehanne Thibault lives and work in Caen, France. Graduating in 2013 from the École Supérieure des Arts et Médias in Caen Jehanne works with film, video installation and sound art. Through the streaming of live video, the use of mobile phones and an exploration of the absence of sound within image, he manipulates the production of imagery through media; consciously stretching and contracting time to record elusive moments otherwise unnoticed.